Brake Service and Repairs Kitchener Waterloo

Brake Service and Repairs

Get your brakes checked when you experience any of the following symptoms – it could save your life!

  • Your vehicle pulls to one side when you press on the brakes.    
  • Your brakes require more pressure than normal to stop.
  • Your brake pedal sinks to the floor when you step on it
  • Scraping or chatter noise when your press on the brake pedal
  • Brakes drag when you are not pressing the pedal
  • Hard pedal
  • Low brake pedal
  • Pedal Pulsation
  • Squeals
  • Grabby brakes
  • Yellow or brownish fluid leak under the car


Take your car or truck to DNA Automotive for the best and most cost effective vehicle Repair and Service in Kitchener-Waterloo. Certified Mechanics and the Best Car Repair rates in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, St. Jacobs and Guelph! Quality Repair Service – Quality Parts.


At DNA Automotive you will get one of the best Free computerized engine diagnostic services in the Kitchener-Waterloo Cambridge area. The technicians working at DNA Automotive are trained in state of the art engine diagnostics and will perform a computer scan to properly diagnose your driveability problem and estimate the correct required repairs the first time. We are always ready to talk to you about how to use the engine diagnostics results to get the best performance out of your vehicle.


We guarantee our parts and our labour for one year or 20,000 kilometers.   We offer Auto Repair Financing – It’s Easy to get approved!

Are Your Brakes Safe?

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