Car and Truck Repair

With over 25 years working in the automotive repair industry the technicians at DNA Automotive provide car an truck owners in Kitchener-Waterloo, with the best preventative maintenance and car and truck repair, including, brake service, transmission rebuilds, tires and rustproofing. Our technicians are expert at working with the latest diagnostic equipment and testing for all European, North American, Japanese and Korean cars and trucks.

The best automatic transmission repairs in Kitchener Waterloo

Automatic Transmission Repairs

Automatic transmissions have become extremely sophisticated. If you think you might have transmission problems read on…

The best brake service and repairs in Kitchener- Waterloo

Brake Maintenance, Service And Repairs

Does your vehicle pull to one side when you press on the brakes. Get your brakes checked when you experience any of the following symptoms – it could save your life! Find out what you can do.

The best cabin air filter replacement and repairs in Kitchener-Waterloo

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

There’s a problem hiding in your car, and you’re breathing it in.The hidden problem found in many vehicles – is their cabin air quality.The air filter cleans the air that enters your car.

The best air conditioning repairs in Kitchener Waterloo

Climate Control Services

Climate control for your vehicle include your heating and air conditioning systems, although most problems occur with air conditioning components.

The best diesel injection service and repairs in Kitchener Waterloo

Diesel Injection Service

Many products claim to clean dirty diesel injectors or provide a diesel injection service. If you’re having problems with your diesel engine, it could be your injector.

The best drive train services and repairs in Kitchener Waterloo

Drivetrain Services And Repairs

Your drivetrain transfers power from your engine to drive wheels and varies the amount of torque. It includes the differential, transfer case, and transmission.

The best electrical system repairs in Kitchener Waterloo

Electrical System Repairs

Your car battery is the source of energy for all of your vehicle’s the electrical components. In fact, all the electrical equipment in your car relies on the battery.

The best electronic repairs for your car or truck in Kitchener Waterloo

Electronically Controlled Systems

Vehicles electronics have advanced what your vehicle can do, and many of the things that used to be done mechanically are now controlled by electronics.

The best computerized engine diagnostics in Kitchener Waterloo

Engine Performance Diagnostics

Computerized engine diagnostics analyze engine problems without disassembly of your engine. We’ll diagnose your engine with our state of the art equipment.

The best fuel injection system repairs in Kitchener Waterloo

Fuel Injection System

A faulty fuel injection system can have a serious effect on your car’s performance and can lead to break downs and expensive car engine repairs.

The best fuel pump service and repairs for your vehicle in Kitchener Waterloo

Fuel Pump Repair Service

Your vehicle’s fuel pump delivers the energy needed to make your car run by supplying the proper mixture of air and gas to the engine while reducing pollutants.

The best ignition system repairs in Kitchener Waterloo

Ignition System Repairs

If your car is having problems, and you think that your engine is getting enough air and fuel, you’re probably having ignition system trouble.

The best motor vehicle inspection station in Kitchener Waterloo

Ontario Safety Standards Certificate

You need a Safety Standards Certificate, along with a “Drive Clean” Certificate to register your ownership of a used car with the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario. At DNA Automotive we’re there to help.

The best air filter service and repair for car and truck  in Kitchener Waterloo

Replacing Engine Air Filters

If your air filter gets too dirty  your engine won’t be able to suck enough air into the combustion chambers.  Your car will lose power and run roughly. Your Check Engine light also may come on.

The best rustproofing for your car or truck in Kitchener Waterloo

Rustproofing Your Vehicle

Rust is a major preoccupation. With temperature changes, a wet climate and an abundance of salt on the roads, conditions are ripe for your vehicles to corrode all the way into their tiniest recesses.

The best throttle body repairs for car or truck  in Kitchener Waterloo

Throttle Body Repairs

A throttle body is part of your air intake system and controls the amount of air that gets into your engine. When you step on the gas, the throttle body opens up wider, lets more air in and makes your engine run faster.

The best timing chain and timing belt repairs in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge repairs in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge St. Jacobs and Guelph

Timing Chain & Timing Belt Service

Your vehicle’s timing chain connects the crankshaft and camshaft, and maintains synchronization by opening the inlet and exhaust valve gears at a precise moment during the piston’s stroke cycle.

The best transfer case service and repairs for car or tuck in Kitchener Waterloo

Transfer Case Service & Repair

Your transfer case sends drive power from your engine to front and rear axles. Lubricating fluid keeps gears cool, clean and turning smoothly. Old lubricant results in damage and wear of the gears in your transfer case.

The best transmission service and repair in Kitchener Waterloo

Transmission Fluid Services

Transmission fluid lubricates, cools and cleans all of the internal moving inside components of your transmission. It also maintains the hydraulic pressure necessary for the transmission to function, but the additives in the transmission fluid can be depleted over time.

The best transmission leak sealing and repairs for your car or truck in Kitchener Waterloo

Transmission Leak Sealing and Repairs

Your transmission interacts with various moving parts of your vehicle and many problems that can arise originate from the transmission. That’s why it’s important to identify problems with your transmission as early as possible.

The best transmission rebuilding service for your car or truck in Kitchener Waterloo

Transmission Rebuilding Service

Your transmission is made up of gears, bands, pumps, and rotors, working to power your vehicle. Any defect in your transmission will stop you in your tracks. If your transmission develops a problem, you have two options, replace it or rebuild it.

The best vaccum leak repairs in Kitchener Waterloo

Vaccum Leak Repairs

A leaky vacuum hose often causes poor engine performance. Engine vacuum is vital for fuel delivery. Fuel injection systems need it to collect information about your engine and calculate the best fuel mixture for optimal fuel economy and power.

The best water pump repairs for your car or truck in Kitchener Waterloo

Water Pump Repairs & Replacement

When your water pump malfunctions, the cooling system has no way of sending coolant into the engine, and your engine will overheat, leaving you stranded by the side of the road and potentially causing serious damage to your engine.

The best wheel alignment for your car or truck in Kitchener Waterloo

Wheel Alignment Services

A good wheel alignment can save you thousands of dollars in car repairs? Your vehicle’s front-end and its alignment ensures that the wheels run equal and parallel to each other while you drive. This gives you good road handling control and proper tire wear.

Take your car or truck to DNA Automotive for the best and most cost effective preventative maintenance and car and truck repair in Kitchener-Waterloo. Certified Mechanics and the Best Car Repair rates in Kitchener-Waterloo! Quality Repair Service - Quality Parts.

At DNA Automotive you will get one of the best Free computerized engine diagnostic services in Kitchener-Waterloo. The technicians working at DNA Automotive are trained in state of the art engine diagnostics and will perform a computer scan to properly diagnose your driveability problem and estimate the correct required repairs the first time. We are always ready to talk to you about how to use the engine diagnostics results to get the best performance out of your vehicle.

We completely guarantee all our parts and our labour for one year or 20,000 kilometres. We offer Auto Repair Financing - It's Easy to get approved!

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