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Rust Proofing

Thinking about rust proofing your vehicle? Rust is a yearlong preoccupation for most Canadians. With major temperature changes, a wet climate (that includes acid rain), and an abundance of salt on the roads, conditions are ripe for your vehicles to corrode all the way into their tiniest recesses. First, it’s important to know what rust is. Rust is an example of corrosion. When iron (which is in steel) and oxygen mix with air or water, rust occurs. Eventually, rust can take over any iron mass and cause it to disintegrate. Corrosion can also occur when dirt or moisture accumulate on a car’s underbody. Rust is a serious problem and spreads like a rash. It can shorten the lifespan and value of any vehicle.

Steel remains pleasantly rust-free in dry climates, so you need either to move to Arizona or take precautions to minimize the effects of moisture on your car and avoid the need for rust proofing. The most important thing that you can do to keep your vehicle in shape is to arrange for rustproofing for it. Every vehicle should be treated for rust, including new ones. Sure, they’ve all received the manufacturer’s rust proofing treatment before coming out of the assembly plant, but don’t wait a few winters before you protect your car; an annual rustproofing treatment is always the smartest thing to do. The CAA describes the rust proofing practice as “absolutely” useful. After all, today’s cars–provided they are properly maintained–can drive up to 300,000 km. It takes just an hour or so to fully spray a vehicle with rustproofing oil. High pressure helps the liquid spread across every surface, and down into every crack, Its even useful to apply rust proofing to a vehicle that already shows signs of corrosion; such treatment may slow down the rust process. And while your car is up on a hoist, our technicians have a good chance to visually inspect it – to catch any potential problems before they get bigger (and more expensive to fix). We use a premium, non-drip, oil-based rust-proofing product which is fairly durable. And unlike some competitors we don’t think it’s necessary to do rust proofing every year.

I recommend an annual inspection but the rust proofing can sometimes wait for a year or so. Protecting your car from the harsh Canadian winters is our #1 priority. Prevent the salt and moisture from deteriorating the value of your automobile. We service all makes and models of vehicles. Think that rust proofing is expensive? Think again. Rust proofing at DNA Automotive starts at only $69.95 – a small price to pay for the assurance that your car will stay in good condition as long as possible.

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