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Cabin Air Filter Replacement

What is the Pollen or Cabin Air Filter?

The air filter cleans the air that enters your car. It can remove dust and pollen from the air before it enters the cabin of your car. Think of your car or truck air filter just like the filter that you have for your home heat and A/C system.

Why Is The Cabin Air Filter important?
In the grand scheme of car performance, it is not very important. Many cars don’t even have a pollen filter. So you need to make sure your car has a filter before letting a mechanic replace it. The pollen filter is more of a comfort filter. Imagine driving through a dust storm with out something to filter the air coming into the car. That dust could just come right on in.

While the cabin air filter is NOT a critical system of your car, having a dirty cabin air filter will not leave you stranded. It will not cause your vehicle not to perform properly. It is there specifically to add to your comfort while you drive. And that can be pretty important.

How Do You Know If You Need A New Cabin Air Filter?

Get a new cabin air filter in Kitchener Waterloo
Inspecting a pollen filter is just like looking at any other filter. It can be really easy to tell if it needs to be replaced.

What DNA Automotive Will Do

The technicians at DNA Automotive will visually inspect your cabin air filter each time your vehicle is brought in for servicing and replace it if necessary. We will always show you your dirty, used filter upon request.

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